SQL Server 2005 is not supported

Hi, Support team.
I’m trying to migrate some Cuba-Platform projects to JMIX that have SQL Server 2005 like a main data store and JMIX doesn’t support this DBMS type.
Is there any possibility that JMIX supports this version of SQL SERVER?
Our scenario is a legacy application, that doesn’t support any SQL SERVER version higher than SQL SERVER 2005, and the migration of this legacy application with newer software developed with Cuba-Platform.
Which is the best alternative to migrate Cuba-Platform projects to JMIX with this restriction?
Thanks in advance.

Hi, again, Support Team.
We have consulted the compatibility list and the maximum version of SQL SERVER to which we can update is SQL SERVER 2008 R2.

Could JMIX support SQL SERVER 2008 R2 as the main repository database?

Thanks in advance

Jmix supports MS Sql 2008 and newer.

Hi, Andrey.


Despite Database type in Cuba Studio project is migrated to Ms SQL SERVER 2008 (see above), JMIX migration process is still launching the “SQL SERVER 2005 Database type is not supported”.

Is it strange, isn’t it?


Have you upgraded MS SQL 2005 and database to SQL 2008?
Or simply switch the type to SQL 2008 in DS Properties, but does the database itself remain in SQL 2005 format?

Hi, Andrey.

Your question and surprise is very logical. Yesterday, we began working in a plan B.

We’ve upgraded MS SQL 2005 to SQL 2008 R2, as you can see on next images:

Portada sql server 2008


Hi, again, Andrey.

We’ve edited the configuration of main data store created by the JMIX migration process with Ms SQL 2008 connection data and the connection test works fine, as you can see:
Captura de pantalla de 2021-12-27 19-34-28

There’s some reference to Ms SQL Server 2005 in the original Cuba-Platform project that JMIX migration process detects and avoid the right creation of the main data store in the JMIX project.

You can mark this case as solved because it has an easy solution, setting up again the main data store definition.

Thanks for all, Andrey.
Best regards.

Hi, Xavier

It’s really weird…
@krivopustov Is this possibly a migration mechanism issue?

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Not sure what we can do here.
Just added a notice about MS SQL 2005 to Features Removed in Jmix.

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