Xml view in jmix studio buggy

Hello, more often than not I have troubles opening my screen descriptors. I only use the XML view and actually don’t care about the preview, but the XML view shows me a blank screen very often. When I switch to preview mode and back to XML view, it shows me the XML. But when I switch to another file and go back, it is blank again. It’s very annoying. See video:

PS: I can’t upload webm, which has about 290kb, but only mov, which has 1,6MB for same content when converted…

Just to add on, there are fairly numerous bugs in the Descriptior designer/editor. Sometimes changes simply revert, or even partially revert, etc. I can’t reproduce at will, but will keep monitoring to find a pattern.

Thank you for the report.
Created issue: https://youtrack.jmix.io/issue/JST-3265

We’ll appreciate if you provide any additional information and maybe some conditions when it happens.